The common, cheap or casual pattern is often considered and implemented in my work.  Culturally ambiguous patterns, void of authorship have the uncanny ability to transcend appropriation and create a ubiquitous visual language that, through paint and material application, allows the medium to operate beyond the flat surface of canvas. I have found that through the use of repetition as a compositional element I can enhance the optical illusion of space and depth in painting.  In my work I use paint as a material device to create illusory spaces that visually engage viewers and activate levels of false depth.  I utilize color relationships to create optical glitch and allow the vibrations of color to activate a space beyond what material can achieve.  I use this product as illusion to defy the plane of paint application and how these relationships can direct a viewer to explore the physical surface of a painting.  I am interested in the topical application of paint and the history that can be created through layering material and exposing underlying color.    Through the use of these systems I seek to push further a dialogue with both the history of abstraction and the boundaries of the medium and format itself.